Vodafone India Taking Pre-Registration For iPhone 3G

Following rumors that O2 would be doing so, Vodafone India has begun allowing customers to pre-register for 3G contracts in advance of purchasing the device on launch day, despite the fact that the Indian government has yet to issue the final guidelines for the auction of 3G spectrum in that country.

Both an ad in the Wednesday edition of The Times of India and on its website offer customers the opportunity to pre-register for the device, although they warn that it currently is only compatible with 2G networks and some features may not work in India.

Bharti Airtel, a competing company, has announced that they too will be offering the iPhone 3G later this year. They have yet to specify a date for the launch. Vodafone’s offer to pre-register customers may be their attempt to get a head start over Bharti Airtel.

Vodafone has yet to comment.

[via Macworld UK]

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