Vodafone Announces iPhone 3G Prices In New Zealand

Vodafone has announced the prices for customers in New Zealand. Users can buy an iPhone 3G for for $199NZD (US$150)for an 8GB when purchased with a 24-month contract. They have also announced that they expect stocks to be “strictly limited”. They have yet to announce their tariffs, but they are expected to anounce a significant restructuring in the next few days.

It is rumored that they will be moving away from the extremely high prices for data normally offered in New Zealand. Vodafone’s usual data price has been $10NZD for 1MB of data per month, with $35 for 200MB. It is expected that it will drop to around $10 for 10MB, which would still not be ideal, but better than before.

[via MacNN]

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