Vocalia is a voice-recognition application that recognizes your voice and chooses the closest match in your iPod, Address Book or Bookmarks. Allowing you to use the app in either French, German or English and it is claimed to work even faster than voice recognition in the 3GS.

Vocalia starts right up with the voice recognition screen, and you can choose between iPod search, Address Book or Bookmarks. Then you simply talk, the application notices your voice and immediately begins searching. While it seems like a great idea for an application, the application itself didn’t work that well for me no matter how clearly I spoke. You can allow for more results just in case you feel the app is just hearing incorrectly, but I expect very good recognition. Especially if I’m paying $3.99 for a function that comes with the 3GS (and is far more precise, mind you).

The design is relatively good. The ‘eye’ in the center of the screen uses the accelerometer to move a small white blot around like a bubble in an orb with water, the different color backgrounds add variety and there is a small light blue marquee that appears at the bottom of the screen showing different results. This marquee can remain on the screen the entire time you use the application, and just as easily put away.

Overall, the application can be useful, but unless you say words that are very distinct, the application will most likely just throw you a slew of results that might not even be close. Vocalia is certainly useful, but for now I’ll certainly be manually searching through my iPhone by tap.

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