Virgin Mobile Australia Now Offering iPhone 3G

We thought Australia was pretty lucky to have the choice between Optus, Telstra, or Vodafone for their iPhone 3G plan, but they’re about to get even luckier. While us poor saps in the US get to make due with just AT&T, the people in Australia are going from three official iPhone carriers to four; Virgin Mobile has announced that they too will be carrying the iPhone soon.

With the base plan, the cost of the device itself is AUD$70/month spread out over 24-months, most of which is the price of the phone. That includes AUD$520/month of included credit and 1GB of data. Calls are AUD$0.40 per thirty seconds, along with an AUD$0.40 connection fee. You can augment the data plan up to 5GB/month for AUS$100. You’ll also get free calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile users. Texts to people on other networks are AUD$0.25 per text, and AUD$0.35 for texting people overseas.

Apparently the plans were pretty appealing to customers, as they’ve already sold out of both 8GB and 16GB devices.

More information about Virgin Mobile’s iPhone 3G offers are available at their website,

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