Video: World of Warcraft On iPhone?

Reader MICHAELSD stumbled onto a YouTube video which shows an iPhone running World of Warcraft through an unreleased mobile gaming service called VolleeX engine. VolleeX is an unreleased service still in beta that will allow users to play hardware-intensive games on internet-capable mobile devices.

The VolleeX engine will work by streaming an instance of the game running on a PC to the Vollee servers to be compressed, where it gets sent to the mobile device. The video shows it running over a 3G network as well, and looks pretty smooth doing so. It even alters the game’s interface to make it more mobile-friendly, which should be a definite plus for playability.


We also hear that Vollee, the company behind VolleeX, has a partnership with Activision | Blizzard, the makers of WoW, lending more credibility to the video.

All in all, it looks good to us. What do you think?

Thanks again, MICHAELSD!

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