Video Recording, Auto-Focus Camera, Digital Compass, and Voice Control In Next iPhone?

Our friends over at MacRumors have received some very convincing evidence that video recording will be a feature in the next iPhone. A screenshot of the latest iPhone beta shows what appears to be the interface for recording video on an iPhone. It’s similar to the current Camera app with the addition of a toggle for video recording. The screen is only visible when a certain configuration file is altered to say that a video camera is present.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about video recording in the next iPhone. Evidence for editing as well as uploading video has been found.

In addition to this screenshot, evidence for other features have also been found in configuration files. Thus far, mentions of a “magnetometer” (digital compass), “auto-focus camera,” and “Voice Control,” have been discovered.

All of these items have been found in pre-release versions of the iPhone 3.0 software which is slated to be released this summer. It is likely that Apple will also release an updated iPhone around this time.

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