Video: iPhone Game Playing On TV Using Hidden Video-Out API

Last week Ars Technica’s Erica Sadun reported on a new video-out API she had tapped into letting her show video on her TV instead of the iPhone’s built-in screen. The last time we saw it she had rigged it to stream video from the camera. Now she’s posted another video of her using it the best way we can think of— videogames.

After experimenting with MPTVOutWindow, they approached Freeverse about possibly adding incorporating it into their game, Moto Chaser [App Store $0.99]. Head developer Mark Levin was given the task of getting the demo in working order, which took roughly 3 hours. The result was the following demo:

As you can see, they removed a few things from gameplay to get it working, like having the accelerator pressed by default instead of touch-controlled. You can also tell that the system takes a performance hit while running video-out, and can only reach around 20 frames per second. That said, for just 3 hours of work, it’s pretty solid-looking, and could be a feasible feature in the future if Apple ever allows it. As it is, the API is not approved for developer use, so we’ll have to wait for Apple to give the O.K. before we start seeing games capable of this in the App Store.

[via Ars Technica]

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