Video Coming In Next iPhone, ‘Find My iPhone’ To Allow Remote iPhone Location?

All sorts of fun things have been discovered in the days since the iPhone 3.0 beta was released, and the fun continues today. Boy Genius Report has posted a screenshot (image below) which shows an option for “Find My iPhone,” a feature which has yet to be announced. Engadget has also stumbled across a screen (image below) which suggests that video recording will be included in a future iPhone hardware revision.

The “Find My iPhone” option was found within the mail preferences for a MobileMe account. When the preference is switched to “On,” a confirmation box states that “This enables the ‘Find My iPhone’ service on your MobileMe account at” Enabling the option doesn’t appear to add any new options to at this time. It’s likely that the feature will allow users to find a lost iPhone and possibly perform a remote wipe.

The “Publish Video” screen can be seen when a user attempts to publish a photo to MobileMe. There doesn’t seem to be any way to actually publish a video and it is possible that this may be a simple typo.

[via MacRumors]

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