Vibe Duo

Vibe Duo rocks the same sound stage and acoustics as the V-MODA Vibe.

Marrying luxurious style and supreme audio clarity, the Vibe Duo noise-isolating headset lets you take calls and carry on conversations with hands-free convenience.
V-MODA’s Vibe Duo headset is the ultimate in mobility, audio-enthusiast sound, and comfort. Featuring compatibility with iPhone and amazing high-definition sound, Vibe Duo’s minimalist all-metal design integrates a discrete microphone that blends seamlessly with a durable black fabric cable and is remarkably lightweight. The microphone’s convenient call/music control button can easily switch between chatting on the phone and listening to your music library.

The ergonomic design is complemented by the comfortable and stable fit of soft silicone fittings, making this headset/earphone well-suited for any active lifestyle. V-MODA’s highly regarded V-MASQUE dynamic driver provides unparalleled clarity and high-definition sound for optimum communication capabilities and the ultimate music listening experience.

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