Verizon iPhone 5 Speculation

This is not a rumor or anything super huge but simply some speculation on my part. Just today I was thinking about something that puzzled me. So I’ll say it straight up right after I give some background information that can back up what I’m about to say. The Verizon iPhone is the CDMA version of the current iPhone, correct? It was announced and is going to be released very near a whole year after the AT&T iPhone 4. So, will the Verizon iPhone 5 be released almost a year after the AT&T iPhone 5 which means next February?

Surely Apple won’t release a whole new phone just mere months after they released this existing version. From past experience they usually announce their new iPhones around the June/July time. If still carried on like that, will both GSM and CDMA be announced. I’m not sure what to think of this, but if you are please let us know in the comments below.