Verizon iPhone 4 – Antennagate Issues Remain

Despite Apple declaring the rectification of the antennagate issues, causing AT&T users to experience dropped calls, with the release of the new Verizon iPhone 4, Consumer Reports declares otherwise. A recent investigation conducted by their lab engineers shows that the issue still remains: why haven’t many people complained? Verizon’s network is just that strong.

Consumer Reports reports that if you hold the bottom left gap on the Verizon iPhone 4, and additionally have bad network connectivity, you calls could ultimately drop:

With the iPhone 4, we placed a finger in contact with the lower-left-side gap. Reception typically dropped notably within 15 seconds or so of the gap being bridged. The iPhone eventually dropped calls when touched at very low signal strength—that is, at levels of around one bar in the phone’s signal-strength meter.
…at each level at which calls were dropped, we subsequently tried to place calls from the iPhone with our finger covering the gap. In all such cases, we couldn’t initiate a call.

To confirm their findings, they also tested other smartphones on Verizon’s network all of which they recommend highly in their list of smartphone recommendations. These 5 were the Samsung Fascinate; Motorola Droid 2 Global; HTC Droid Incredible; LG Ally; and Motorola Droid X.

Like before, you can fix the issues with a bumper, which was also tested. As the result of these findings, they do not recommend the CDMA iPhone 4 even with the high ratings elsewhere.

Because of Consumer Reports‘ unbiased, true reports on nearly everything, this pretty much does prove to be true. Next time your bars drop, if you own a Verizon iPhone 4, test this out to see if any antennagate issues occur. Leave your comments below.