Verizon iPad Still A Possibility?

The hopes of Verizon fans ( or more likely, those jaded by AT&T ) got a boost when rumors started circulating about the iPad being released on Verizon’s data network, but it never came true. Now some believe Verizon did once stand a chance, but were simply outbid by AT&T by agreeing to Apple’s $30/month unlimited and $15/month 250MB plans, where Verizon usually charges twice as much for similar plans. Still, despite losing the iPad, Verizon is still said to still be in talks with Apple, and they hope to have both the iPhone and iPad some time by mid 2010. When they were asked, Verizon rep Jeff Nelson refused to comment on behalf of the company.

Another rumor says that a Verizon iPad does currently exist, and that negotiations simply did not finish before the keynote last week.

[via Electronista, Business Insider]

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