Verizon Internal Memo Is Anti-iPhone 3G Campaign

We all love the iPhone 3G, and Apple’s ads do a great job demonstrating all it’s wondrous glory to the ignorant masses, but it’s still not perfect. Now an internal document from US carrier Verizon Wireless shows that they are preparing to launch a new anti-iPhone campaign that hits the iPhone where it’s weakest– AT&T.

BGR claims to have intercepted the below document that was sent out to their agents. They criticize the iPhone 3G by saying that the new twice-as-fast speeds are only available where AT&T offers it (which is less of a problem than it used to be thanks to AT&T’s network expansion efforts), but is still only 40-50% compared to their network’s 80%.

They also attack it’s lower price for being bundled with a plan that costs more than the previous one, something many have found misleading.

Also pointed out in the ad are the fact that PIX is still available only through Email on the iPhone 3G, the lack of Turn-By-Turn GPS, the inability to download music over 3G, and the removal of free text messages included with the plan.

[via BGR]

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