Verizon Goes on the Offensive with DroidDoes Commercial

Only weeks after attacking AT&T’s 3G network and indirectly the iPhone with a “There’s a map for that” ad campaign, Verizon has rolled out a new campaign for a yet-to-be-introduced device from Motorola known as the “Droid”, the ad focusing on what it perceives as deficiencies in the iPhone. According to Boy Genius Report, the new television commercial, introduced yesterday, features iPhone-like fonts and music listing things the iPhone “doesn’t do” and ends with a teaser asking users to sign up at for more information.

Although no official information on the device has been made available, a brief hands-on preview of the Droid has been snagged with Verizon calling their upcoming handset “the Android device to beat, and easily the most impressive.” Google reportedly played a major role in the design of the Droid, “almost dictating every move Motorola made when designing and making the phone.”
The Droid runs Android 2.0 with reportedly excellent performance, and offers both a large capacitive touchscreen and a slide-out physical keyboard.



The report also notes that it is the thinnest slider phone in memory, only slightly thicker than the iPhone, and that the device will come with a cradle/charging station that turns it into a “multimedia station” while docked.


It’s time for competitors to get snarky and Verizon appears to have taken the lead. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple has to offer in return.

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