Verizon Follows AT&T in Taking iPhone 4 Out of the Limelight Ahead of WWDC

If iPhone 4S/5 is going to be introduced tomorrow at WWDC, it would be a safe bet to say that the two U.S. carriers that are practically guaranteed to sell it would know in advance. So if the new, popular iPhone 4 is taken out of the limelight on both carriers’ sites, doesn’t that count for something?

After AT&T started acting almost as if iPhone 4 does not exist anymore, a visit to Verizon Wireless’s site reveals that the carrier has made room for other phones on its homepage as well.

It is noteworthy how a discounted “certified pre-owned” iPhone 4 is being featured instead of a brand new offering. Verizon seems more anxious to move pre-owned stock rather than brand new devices that would be returned following an official announcement on Monday.

iPhone 4 is still being featured at the top of Verizon’s smartphone list while AT&T moved it to the bottom of theirs. However it would not be unlikely for a top spot and a separate category for the iPhone to be a part of Apple and Verizon’s sales agreement.

Though AT&T is doing a more blatant veiling, Verizon adds a little extra fuel to the WWDC iPhone 4S/5 introduction fire. It is enough for me to increase my likelihood of a new Apple phone announcement tomorrow prediction from a low 30% to a if-we’re-lucky 45%.