Verizon, Apple Disagree On iPhone Pricing?

According to a report from UBS Investment Research analyst Maynard J. Um, Apple and Verizon are currently in talks about a Verizon iPhone launch in the summer of 2010, but are in disagreement over pricing. Rumors of negotiations have been floating around since last fall, but many are still skeptical that Apple would make a CDMA-enabled handset. According to Mr. Um, it’s true, but pricing is still being negotiated.

“We believe a CDMA-iPhone is also in the works,” Um wrote, “though believe Verizon Wireless and Apple may currently be apart on pricing.”

Such a device would be usable only markets in the U.S., China, and Japan, where CDMA network carriers exist. It should be noted however that while the existence of negotiations with Verizon is a strong indicator that a CDMA-capable iPhone either does or soon will exist, it is not 100% confirmation.

[via Apple Insider]

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