V-Moda Acknowledges Headphone Issue, Offers New Versions

Gizmodo has word from V-Moda that they’ve silently started shipping a slightly redesigned version of their Vibe and Vibe Duo headphones. The only noticeable difference is a modified headphone jack which V-Moda hopes will help to alleviate problems many customers have had due to the current design’s jack being so fragile.

The folks over at Gizmodo have checked out the two versions and they note that there’s no easy way to determine whether you’ll get the old or new design. The only difference they’ve noticed is the year ’2008′ being printed on the box instead of ’2007′, although that may not be the best determining factor. If you’re planning to pick up a pair of Vibe Duos, it might be a good idea to order them directly from V-Moda — at least for a while.

Update: V-Moda offers a one year warranty on all of their headphones. If you’ve been affected by a faulty headset jack, V-Moda will likely be willing to replace your broken pair with the updated version.

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