Ustream Live Broadcaster Approved By Apple

Back in August 2008, Qik announced that they had begun publicly beta testing their Qik streaming application for the iPhone. It worked well, but never showed up on the App Store due to submission restrictions. Now, nearly a year later, TechCrunch is reporting that Ustream’s streaming app has finally been approved for the iPhone. The Ustream Live Broadcaster [App Store] lets you stream live video to Ustream over 3G/WiFi using the iPhone 3G & 3GS.

Many of you will remember that Steve Jobs allegedly approved the first live video streaming app last week. And while Knocking Live Video [App Store] allows users to stream live to another iPhone, Ustream is the first to allow true broadcast-style streaming.


The new app comes with several niceties including live chat, the ability to archive your video online for viewing later, Twitter integration, live polling, and the ability to mute your video. And while it looks like the Ustream app was an official approval, we feel like there’s a teeny tiny chance Apple might pull it, so get it while you can.

And of course, now that Ustream has been approved, we have little doubt that Qik will be soon to follow with an app of their own.

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