Using iPhone 5: Actual Experiences (With Video)

Now that the rumor mill can stay quiet for a few hours as Apple has unearthed iPhone 5, keynote press are making their way over to the demo units that are on-hand for their first look at the next-generation of iPhone. With a glowing consensus provided by press thus far, Apple has been true to their word announcing features as each addition was deemed to be a noticeable nicety in the few minutes that have been spent so far, making going back to the iPhone 4S all the more difficult.

Previews have highlighted the display, with the increase in size and vibrance being welcome additions. These critics observed a significant decrease in weight immediately, with zippier performance also apparent after just a few minutes.


  • The iPhone 5 also feels substantially different in the hand. It always shocks me how much a simple materials change makes something feel, and it’s always impossible to convey these differences, but the lighter and thinner form factor is very perceptible. The 4 and 4S always felt solid, the 5 moves to a much more ethereal form, and the lightness almost makes it almost feel like a hollow metal box. It’s very hard to convey. Likewise the cutouts at top and bottom appear to be glass, but there’s no noticeable gap between them and the unibody metal main body, this is very polished.- Anandtech
  • The display — which meets SRGB color specification — now has an integrated touch layer, and Apple’s not holding back when it calls it the “world’s most advanced display.” Sure enough, it looks beautiful. Of course, displays across the industry have been becoming increasingly sexy to look at, and Apple’s newest most certainly pops when you ogle it. Is it better than the 4S? For sure, but it doesn’t make the 4S’ panel look dated by any means. The anti-glare measures implemented are highly appreciated, too. The new A6 chip, in typical Apple style, hasn’t revealed itself in terms of raw tech specs. But at a glance, it’s definitely quicker than the chip in the 4S. 

      Much like the speed increases between the iPhone 4 and 4S (and before that, the iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS), they won’t take you by storm right away. But, use it for half an hour and you’ll have a hard time going back to a slower chip. The transitions are smoother, switching between apps is a bit quicker and everything just generally feels incrementally faster. – Engadget

  • Build quality is quite nice and the solid aluminum is quite unique and quite solid. Hopefully this will reduce some damage if it falls on a hard surface. – TechCrunch
  • Gripping it, your thumb is able to navigate the full length of the display without stretching, just as promised, and while it’s undoubtedly a light handset it doesn’t feel delicate. – SlashGear

AnandTech has also taken a video of their initial first impression experience with the iPhone 5: