Update: Bus Victim Labels iPhone Theft A Hate Crime

More information has come up regarding the surveillance camera footage of a man being attacked on a bus. While the attack was initially reported as an unusually brutal attempted theft of the man’s iPhone, the victim of the attack has contacted MacBlogz.com to tell his side of the story, and said he believes that it was a hate crime. He says that the assailant didn’t go out of his way to take the iPhone, adding that the video of his interview was later pulled by the local news network, possibly because the term “hate crime” was mentioned.

The victim’s comment:

“This was me on the bus that was attacked. The video doesn’t show the fact that the Bus Driver was not on the bus, he actually left the bus to talk to another bus driver. He was off the bus for at least 5-7 mins and this allowed more than enough time for this incident to take place. The attacked lasted 2-3 minutes and they left out the part where I actually grab the guy by his balls and twist and pull them. I am upset because if the bus driver had been on the bus, this never would have happened. Also, the lady with the kid is friends with the guy. The original video shows them talking for a long time, and right before he gets up, she takes her kid and picks him up and moves her next to her.

This was more of a hate crime than it was from him trying to steal my iPhone. If he wanted the iPhone it fell from my hands and slid under the seat. My interview was pulled from the local website possibly because I mentioned hate crime.”

We have no confirmation of the interview’s existence, or if it was indeed pulled because the term “hate crime” was mentioned, but it does seem that hate could have easily been the motive for the attack, and based on his statements and the information available to us, it seems highly plausible that this was the case.

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This story is a follow-up on Man Attacks Bus Passenger For iPhone, Information Wanted.

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