Upcoming ‘Dream:scape’ – Third iOS Game to Use the Unreal Engine

Awhile back I had reviewed reviewed Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, which was the second game on the iOS platform to use the Unreal Engine – the effect? Some super-duper visuals, which were highly praised by both I and the whole press world. The first game to use this console-quality engine, which many of you may recognize based on its popularity within the first few weeks of its launch, was Infinity Blade.

Now, just mere months after the first apps of the type were introduced to the platform, the third has been revealed going by Dream:scape:

The game — well not so much game based on the developer’s reply to a comment made on the above video: “This is less a game, per-se, than an interactive experience, controlled by the user. The story unfolds as the user explores, unlocking new areas and revealing new chapters in the character’s diary. The culmination´╗┐ (which is a big secret, so shhh!) is a surreal trip into someone else’s dream:scape, where a plot of revenge ensues…”

Not too many details were revealed other than the fact that the game will take you through someone’s dream:scape, through a vast story, where up to 30 acres will be able to be explored and interacted with. Based off of the teaser above, the Unreal Engine has been put to great use. Dream:scape is currently in review so will soon be released onto the app store for an introductory price of $0.99, later boosting back up to $2.99. Keep a lookout for the app in the app store; seemingly, it won’t be disappointing.

Written by nkatti