Unveiling of the iPhone 5 at WWDC This Summer?

Reported by Daiwa Securities, a local Chinese publication, officially the Commercial Times, has word on the release of the iPhone 5. Daiwa claims that Apple will introduce their anticipated iPhone 5 this Summer at WWDC, contrary to past belief that Apple would start to unveil new iPhone iterations during Fall, as they did this past year with the iPhone 4S.

Previously, Apple’s norm was introducing new iPhone handsets over Summer at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference, WWDC, however, this has been questioned recently due to the delayed release of the iPhone 4S last year. While Apple usually introduces new devices annually, they waited until Fall to reveal the 4S and rather focused on software at last year’s WWDC – OSX, iOS 5, iCloud, etc.

It’s not anything new when we say that the iPhone 5 may be released this Summer going back to Apple’s past schedule. After all, last year may have been the odd exception – many people suppose that Apple’s delay was not on purpose and very unexpected, supported by the fact that the iPhone 4S didn’t come packed with many new features and one of the few additions is still in beta (Siri).

The paper also states the following:

“The iPhone 5 will continue to utilize glass to glass (G/G) touch panel technology which will benefit current touch panel suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek, the paper quoted the securities house as saying.

Daiwa reports that the Moscone, Apple’s usual venue for past WWDC events is booked from June 11-15th, which could easily be the dates spanning the conference. We really don’t know for sure whether or not that Apple will or won’t unveil the extremely anticipated iPhone 5 handset that is rumored to have a larger screen among other notable changes when compared to its current predecessor. We’ll just have to see.