Untethered iPhone 4S Jailbreak Just a Few Days Away

A jailbroken iPhone 4S running on iOS 5.0.1 was filmed and published on YouTube a few days ago by Dustin Howett, a member of the Chronic Dev Team. The video shows the jailbreak features, of course, and confirming the validity, Siri is asked to check the weather.

It’s something that can be achieved on an iPhone 4, asking Siri what the weather is, which doesn’t quite set this in stone in itself but the fact that Dustin Howett is a part of the Chronic Dev Team as well as the fact that pod2g also linked to the video from his blog shows that the video is legitimate. Check it out:

If you’re vieweing on an iOS device, click here

pod2g claims that the untethered jailbreak should be released very, very soon, though that’s what he stated 12 days ago according to iPhone FAQ. But the dev team did pull through fairly quickly the last time that the “coming soon” post was published on pog2g’s blog for A4 devices.

The jailbreak to come soon will be the first for any A5 device running on iOS 5, which will include the iPad 2 and most recently, the iPhone 4S.