Unofficial Pokemon-Like Game Coming Soon, Dubbed ZENFORMS

Even if Nintendo isn’t going to take a bite into the thriving iOS market, it seems other developers are catching the bait and taking the cue; it’s one of the highest points in App Store history, so iOS developers are going to eventually see the potential money in the popular Nintendo franchise. That has already begin some few years after the opening of the App Store in the form of ZENFORMS.

Scheduled for later January, the game just received light on the Touch Arcade forums, and its two gameplay videos aren’t the best quality, but the homage (notice how I didn’t say ‘knockoff elements’) that the game pays to Nintendo’s acclaimed Pokemon series is compelling, and it makes you think of whether or not Apple will pull the plug on this one or if they’ll even let it through. However, there’s no real, solid evidence that supports any notion that this game is a knockoff; from what I see, it uses no assets from Pokemon, so it simply is inspired by the series.

Check out the two videos for yourself:

Looking at the video, the d-pad in the game doesn’t look too promising, but we’ll definitely take a look at this when and if it ever gets released on the App Store. I’m sure it’ll be received well; I’m just really hoping that it doesn’t take on the freemium model, which seems like the ideal thing for a game like this. Hey, if Gamevil resorted to the successful business model with their very, very popular Zenonia series, this may as well go the same way. We’ll just have to wait and see come later this month.

Here are some more screenshots:

[Via TA Forums]