Unofficial 1.1.2 Jailbreak Instructions

Can’t wait to update your iPhone but need your third party apps to be there when you’re done? You’re in luck! We’ve managed to adapt our old 1.1.1 jailbreak instructions to 1.1.2. In addition, we’ve managed to clean up quite a few steps; it’s much simpler. While this isn’t The Dev Team’s official method, it will work. Keep in mind that theirs will likely be much prettier. Hit the jump for instructions!

Requirements for this guide:

  • Intel Mac
  • Tiger, although Leopard may work as well
  • Moderate Terminal comfort
  • iPhone running version 1.1.1. If you need to downgrade, check out the method on Hackint0sh
  • No Installer packages installed. If you’ve installed any packages, remove them or remove the Installer directory from /var/root/Library (thanks billymayes). If you have packages installed before updating, Installer will think you have them after the update and cause problems.

Keep this in mind: Currently scrolling is not turned on by default in 1.1.2. To scroll your list of applications, install SummerBoard. This guide is only for those who are impatient. Something prettier and simpler is on its way.

  1. Sync and pray
    1. Sync your iPhone with iTunes. You may lose all of your information if something goes wrong, so it’s a good idea to back up.
  2. Create Symlink
    1. Visit and jailbreak your iPhone. When it’s finished, you should have on your home screen. If you already have Installer, you don’t need to do this step.
    2. Plug iPhone in and open iTunes. Make sure that you have the “Update” button available in iTunes before proceeding.
    3. Open up Installer, navigate to the “Tweaks (1.1.1)” category, and install “OktoPrep”.
  3. Upgrade to v1.1.2
    1. Download the 1.1.2 Software update/restore package from Apple. If Safari unzips the file, grab the original from your trash and remove the .zip extension so that it reads iPhone1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw
    2. In iTunes, hold option and click “Upgrade”. At the prompt, select the iPhone1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw file.
    3. Once upgraded to 1.1.2, close iTunes.
  4. Jailbreak
    1. Download iPHUC and friends from Rapidshare
    2. Extract the contents so that iphuc, fstab, and iphonefs are all on the Desktop
    3. If you don’t have libreadline, download it and extract the zip to your Macintosh HD
    4. Open located in Applications>Utilities
    5. Type cd ~/Desktop and hit return
    6. Type ./iphuc and hit return
    7. Type getfile disk iphonefs/disk.dmg 314572800 and hit return. This will take about five minutes so grab something to drink in the meantime. Once complete, there will be a file named “disk.dmg” in your “iphonefs” folder.
    8. Double click the file to mount it.
    9. Open the newly mounted Oktoberfest3B48b.UserBundle drive and open the “etc” folder. Replace the fstab file inside the “etc” folder with the supplied fstab file.
    10. Download AppTapp Installer from Nullriver and place it on your desktop.
    11. Control click “AppTapp Installer” and click “Show Package Contents”. Navigate to Contents>Resources. Copy from the “Resources” folder over into the “Applications” folder inside Oktoberfest3B48b.UserBundle. Do the same for libarmfp.dylib, placing it inside usr>lib instead of Applications.
    12. Unmount the image and feel free to close any open Finder windows.
    13. Back in Terminal, assuming that you’ve kept iPHUC up and running, type putfile iphonefs/disk.dmg disk and hit return. This will take another minute or so. When it’s finished, reboot the iPhone and close Terminal. You’re jailbroken!
    14. After the phone reboots, activate with iTunes and uninstall “OktoPrep” using Installer.

That’s it! If everything went well, you should be enjoying a freshly updated and jailbroken iPhone. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments.


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