Universal iPhone/iPad Apps Surface in App Store

With the iPad due to hit tomorrow, Apple has already begun approving universal applications which contain both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch user interfaces created specifically for the devices. The apps are available as single downloads that recognize which device the user is working with. After recognition, the app launches the appropriate version optimized for the smaller iPhone screen or larger iPad interface.

Popular iPhone apps such as Pandora [App Store, free] and Evernote [App Store, free] have been included in the initial lineup of universal offerings. Pandora maintains its standard layout on the iPhone and iPod touch, however running the app on an iPad will present the stations on the left column and additional information, such as artist bios, on the main column.

Universal content is listed in both the iPhone and iPad categories in the App Store and users will see a small plus symbol in the upper left corner of the price button.

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