Unity 3.0 Game Engine Features iPad Support, Final Release Expected This Summer

Unity Technologies today announced version 3.0 of its Unity engine, a development tool which allows for creation of games on the Mac, iPhone OS, web, Windows and assorted other platforms. Per The Loop, the engine is scheduled for final release this summer and has expanded to support platforms such as the iPad, Android and Playstation 3.

Other changes in version 3.0 include an overhaul to the game’s rendering ability, physics features and core system optimization as well as incorporation of Illuminate Lab’s Beast lighting and Umbra’s occlusion culling software which enable more complex lighting effects and better performance when using more sophisticated geometry and open spaces.

Other new features include streaming audio support, along with Bluetooth multiplayer support, faster in-game user interfaces and a more thoroughly optimized 2D sprite engine.

Unity 3.0 will retail for $1500 per developer seat while current users can upgrade for $750. Unity iPhone and Unity Pro are available for separate fees, as well.

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