UK Student Claims Apple Stole His App

Hughes' logo is on the left and Apple's on the right, look a little too similar to me...

An undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham says Apple stole his Wi-Fi Sync App.

In an article by The Register, Greg Hughes says he sent Apple an app last May that would allow people to wirelessly sync their iPhones with their iTunes libraries.  But he received a call from an Apple rep before the formal rejection letter saying that they were impressed by his app but there were “security concerns,” but the rep didn’t go into detail about the concerns, and it did “things not specified in the official iPhone software developers’ kit.”

Makes sense that Apple would reject the app for security concerns but to then go and copy the logo, name and general premise of the app, seems a tad fishy to me.

Hughes has been selling his app on Cydia, the app store for jailbroken iPhones, for $9.99 since then and more than 50,000 copies sold.  Not bad for an undergraduate student, I’m quite jealous to be honest.

Will Apple ever acknowledge that they copied or at least based a lot of Wi-Fi Sync off Hughes’ app?  Only time will tell!