Uniea’s U-Feel is a touch-through case similar to Case-Mate’s Naked Case. The differentiating factor here is that the U-Feel has a colored backing and a removable belt clip which doubles as a kickstand for propping up your iPhone.

At first glance, the case is promising. The belt clip is removable and the hole left behind can be covered with the included piece. The clip locks for use as a kickstand when you want to watch movies. However, I found that the kickstand was difficult to unlock back into the normal belt clip position. It’s also quite a trick to get it on and off.

Putting the case together is a challenge. Making sure everything is lined up takes a few tries, and even then the case doesn’t fit together well. When dropped a few feet off the ground, the case comes apart, leaving your iPhone unprotected.

The built-in screen protector is a great feature, although it comes with its own set of caveats as well. Unlike the Case-Mate case, the material covering the screen is loose against the screen, making it difficult to interact with on-screen elements. Even more frustrating, the phone’s proximity sensor tends to mistake the screen protector for your face, turning off the screen as soon as you place a call. This makes it nearly impossible to end the call because the screen is disabled.

The good: Built-in screen protector, removable belt clip which also doubles as a stand.

The bad: Screen protector inhibits correct use of touch screen and sets off proximity sensor. Case doesn’t fit well, is difficult to assemble, and comes apart on impact. Kickstand is difficult to unhook.

The bottom line: This case is essentially a bad knock-off of the Case-Mate Naked case. The quality is much worse and really isn’t worth the cost to buy. We don’t recommend this case.

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