Two new chat apps for iPhone

By now I think that iPhone users are thoroughly lamenting the lack of an iPhone version of iChat. There have been some pretty nasty hacks out there that try to appease the application’s absence, such as forwarding IM’s to your iPhone and signing in remotely. While these all (sort of) work, a web app is what we’re all really looking for, at least until Apple gets their stuff together. So while we wait, there have been two great web-based chat applications released recently: TinyBuddy and JiveTalk. More after the break!

TinyBuddy, written by AOL employee James Burke, is an unofficial version of AIM for the iPhone currently hosted by the AOL Greenhouse. This is one of my favorite web apps thus far as the graphics used look absolutely spot-on to the ones used in real iPhone apps. It also works wonderfully well and incorporates some nifty iPhone inspired transitions. The one drawback I see with this one is its current inability to display groups. The application does, however, allow you to change your online status. If you’re worried about sneaky little goombas getting your password, rest assured that TinyBuddy doesn’t store your password, and uses AOL’s OpenAuth servers to authenticate. Sweet. Check out TinyBuddy at

AIM application number two is JiveTalk. JiveTalk works just about as well as TinyBuddy, with a few exceptions. First thing you’ll notice is that JiveTalk preserves your AIM groups. It also supports multiple chats and multiple logins from AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, and Yahoo. If that wasn’t enough incentive, JiveTalk has some sweet translucent pop-up notifications which alert you to new messages and events. The one drawback is the inability to change your status (Available: on JiveTalk), but will likely be fixed soon. Check out JiveTalk at

Give them both a try, and let us know which you like!

Via Macworld.

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