Two Interesting iPhone Products: Car Remote Control and iPhone Security Alarm

We’ve all seen iPhone accessories that turn your iPhone into a remote control, but the Park4U iPhone app turns your device into a remote for your car, not your entertainment center. The Automatic Park4U system allows your vehicle to park on its own by using sensors to guide itself into spaces with 22 inches of clearance. As demonstrated in this video by a Valeo representative, the iPhone app allows you to control your car without being inside it. I’m not sure why this would be useful, but it’s pretty amazing. The Park4U technology is already utilized by Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, and Lincoln, but there is no info on when the app will be available.

A more useful accessory is Kensington’s new BungeeAir iPhone alarm. The 3-in-1 iPhone case is perfect for forgetful people, like Apple employees, who keep leaving their phones in bars or coffee shops.

You just slip your iPhone into the case, attach the wireless security tether to your keys, and the BungeeAir beeps when you get a certain distance away from your phone. If you still manage to separate yourself from your iPhone, the case automatically invokes its passcode security after you get a certain amount of distance away. You can recover your phone by hitting the “find” button, setting off another alarm that helps you locate the device.

The lithium polymer battery case also adds 4 hours of talk time to your iPhone. The Kensington BungeeAir Wireless Security Tether is for the iPhone 4 and retails for around $100.