Twitterrific, like its counterpart on the Mac, is an application for interacting with the popular social network, Twitter. Although there are arguably more Twitter applications than necessary these days, Twitterrific is one of the originals and is therefore one of the most popular. And because of Iconfactory’s simplistic approach to application interfaces and design, Twitterrific for the iPhone is a Twitter client that stands out among the rest.

Opening the application, you’re presented a stunning representation of all the recent posts on Clicking the wrench icon allows you to customize your experience and log in. Once logged in, the fun really begins. Returning to the main screen, you’ll see that all of the tweets from people you follow are nicely represented in shiny little rectangles, arranged by time posted. Posts which contain an “@ reply” are highlighted in brown and direct messages are highlighted blue. When you tap any tweet, it becomes highlighted as well.

For longer tweets, you may need to double tap to bring up its full text. In this mode you can reply to the tweet, as well as scroll through tweets individually. If you tweet from this view, you can directly reply or “@ reply” to any individual tweet, with the correct ‘@’ or ‘d’ prefixes automatically attached along with the person’s username. If you exit the application in this “single tweet” mode, the app will remain in single tweet mode when you return. It’s up to you which mode you prefer.

If you’re a fan of the desktop version of Twitterrific, all of this may sound familiar. In fact, all of the functionality of Twitterrific for the Mac is built into the iPhone version, along with a couple of extras. One thing the iPhone version has that the desktop version doesn’t is the ability to directly tweet a photo. While composing your tweet, clicking the camera icon will allow you to choose any photo from your camera roll. Once selected, the photo is uploaded to twitpic and the link is added to your tweet. You can also change the setting in the preferences page to allow photos to be taken directly. The other major difference is that your location can be automatically updated using the iPhone’s current location.

Pros: Twitterrific for the iPhone is everything you’d expect from the makers of Twitterrific. Your tweets are neatly and beautifully displayed, posting a tweet is extremely simple, as is updating your location, posting “@ replies”, and sending direct messages.

My favorite feature of all is Twitterrific’s built-in web view. Whenever you click a link, a sheet comes down with the full web page. This means that you’re not sent into Safari whenever you want to check out a link, which is a big plus in my book.

Cons: The biggest complaint I have for Twitterrific is its performance. Scrolling through your list of tweets can be extremely “clicky” and slow. And using Twitterrific premium to rid myself of the ads didn’t seem to help much, either.

Additionally, using the single-tweet mode, a number showing how many new tweets have come in is placed on the “refresh” button. However, after you scroll up to the next tweet, the number disappears. It would be better for the number to count down every tweet you look at so you know which ones you’ve read.

The last complaint I have is that you can either post photos that you take on the spot, or post photos already stored in your camera roll. The option to either choose or take a photo isn’t arbitrarily available while tweeting. This is more of an annoyance, because you can toggle the setting by going into Twitterrific’s preferences, but it is worth pointing out.

Bottom line: Twitterrific is one of the best Twitter apps out there, both on the Mac and now on the iPhone. If you’re willing to put up with a bit of sluggishness (which exists in almost every twitter client anyway), Twitterrific is a fantastic choice. There are other Twitter apps out there, but Iconfactory’s use of a simple interface coupled with a lovely design lands Twitterrific on my iPhone’s first page of apps.

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