Twittelator Pro Announces Official Geotagging Support, Tweetie On The Way

Today Twitter announced that it has enabled geotagging support for third-party Twitter clients, just two weeks after they began rolling out the new retweet feature. Following the announcement from Twitter, Stone Design announced that Twittelator Pro [App Store, $4.99] is the first Twitter client for iPhone to fully support both features. We’ve also heard from a little birdy that beta versions of Tweetie 2 [App Store, $2.99] already support both features. We’re not sure when that update will drop, but we’re guessing that it’ll be soon.

In case you haven’t already heard, the new geotagging feature allows Twitter users to optionally tag their tweets with location information which can then be read by third-party Twitter clients which support the feature. Twittelator Pro and Tweetie 2 both allow you to then see where geotagged tweets are on Google Maps.

Retweets, which were fully rolled out today, allow users to easily repost others’ tweets to their own followers.

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