TwittaRound: Augmented Reality Twitter App

Augmented reality apps are quickly becoming the next big thing, even if none currently exist yet for the iPhone. The latest concept is TwittaRound, which combines your world with that of the Twitterverse, showing nearby recent tweets overlaid on top of the horizon using GPS, the compass and accelerometers, and access to Twitter. Video after the break.

Interestingly, the entire app is developed in Webkit:

The whole application is developed in Webkit (UIWebView / Safari Mobile). A native Cocoa wrapper delegates location, compass and accelerometer to Javascript in the UIWebView. The 3D scene is based on Safari Mobiles brilliant 3D CSS transforms. The Ajax part is done with jQuery.

Currently it’s in beta development, but neither it nor any augmented reality apps will be hitting the App Store any time soon, as they use private APIs to use and mess with live video, which is currently not allowed by the SDK.

[i.document via Gizmodo]

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