TweetMic is an app that makes it possible to post audio messages to your Twitter account from your iPhone. The app is basic and does no more than expected of it, but this is executed relatively well and is an easier (and safer) alternative to tweeting while driving. Voicetal LLC just might have something here….

When you launch the app for the first time, you immediately find yourself staring at an attractive looking screen full of large buttons. Since you obviously can’t post without first having your Twitter account info entered, you’ll want to tap the “setup” button, located at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve filled out the login form and have gone online, you’re free to record. And record. And record some more! The recording time is completely unlimited.

The sound quality is surprisingly good. It’s very clear and I didn’t have any trouble understanding myself even when I whispered. Many complaints were made about the upload time, but they sped things up in the latest update. Obviously it will shorten the time significantly if you’re using Wi-Fi. The issues with crashing due to the “Twitpocalypse” bug have also been fixed. It has crashed on me a couple times anyway, but now it’s more of a random occurrence then it is a guarantee.

In my opinion, the only negative thing about this app is that it does nothing else but record/upload. This seems to be a definite hinderance to the app’s success. You can’t view your friend’s tweets. You can’t post a non-audio tweet. Overall, TweetMic definitely does what it says it will do, but it won’t become a replacement for your favorite Twitter app as is, that’s for sure. Though to be fair, I don’t think it’s supposed to. It’s a great way for Twitter users to portray moods and emotions that simple can’t fit into 140 characters.

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