Tweetie 1.2 Released, Includes PEE

Tweetie, currently our favorite twitter client for the iPhone, was updated today with quite a few little enhancements and feature upgrades. Some changes of note are a much better looking “basic” view and an awesome “quick reply/favorite/info” feature which shows up when you swipe from left to right on any particular tweet.

Of all the enhancements included, the most significant is the addition of PEE, or the Popularity EnhancEr.

PEE is a collection of technologies which have been scientifically designed to enhance App Store sales. Currently PEE includes two of the features which have been most widely proven to increase App Store sales; wet fart sounds and a flashlight.

From the developer:

Tweetie is the only app that bundles together these two incredible features FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. Accept no imitations. Why buy a dedicated fart app AND a flashlight, when you can have BOTH, and get a TWITTER CLIENT along with it!!

Read more about PEE here.

Tweetie is available for $2.99 in the App Store.

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