Turn-By-Turn GPS Apps Hitting App Store

TomTom for iPhone got a lot of publicity at WWDC as one of the first apps to offer GPS turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone, but it’s not alone. Last week Gokivo + Yahoo! Local Search was released [$0.99 download | App Store], who has recieved a great deal of criticism for not advertising the fact that a $9.99/month subscription was required to use the service.

Sygic released MobileMaps apps recently that offer GPS turn-by-turn for Australia/New Zealand [$64.99USD | App Store] and Southeast Asia [$79.99USD | App Store], the latter of which offers navigation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The most recent turb-by-turn app is Navigon’s MobileNavigator Europe [App Store], which offers navigation in 40 European countries. IT’s currently priced at $74.99, but will increase to $99.99 in July. They also announced that they will be offering apps for other individual reigions, including North America and Australia.

MobileNavigator Europe in action:

[via MacRumors]

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