Turn-By-Turn GPS App On The Way (Eventually)?

The iPhone SDK currently prohibits the creation of a turn-by-turn GPS app, but MSNBC recently spoke with several GPS manufacturers and despite not being able to give many details, TomTom has once again stated that they are planning to make a turn-by-turn GPS app for the iPhone. Like before, they make the claim that their app is functional and working just fine on an iPhone 3G of their own.

“We have made our navigation system run on the iPhone; it looks good and works very well,” said Dutch-based company TomTom, in a statement to msnbc.com. “We will have to look more closely to Apple’s strategy before we can say more about what kind of opportunities this will bring us,’” Choney reports. “‘We’re always looking at new phone platforms to expand into for Garmin Mobile, but we don’t have any announcements regarding the iPhone at this time,’ said Jessica Myers of Garmin International. Magellan spokesman Raphel Finelli said the company does ‘not have immediate plans for this, but we are looking into it.’”

Creative Strategies market analyst Tim Bajarin says that developers in general think that one may well show up soon, saying that “in talking to some of the guys in the software community, they believe we’ll see voice turn-by-turn directions within the next three months” for the iPhone, and certainly “before the end of the year.”

[via MSNBC]

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