TSA Issues Ban on Phones & Notebooks During Last Hours of International Flights

A new series of Transport Security Administration rules set into motion late Sunday will ban passengers on international flights entering the US from having any “personal belongings” on their laps during the final hour of the flight. These rules will restrict notebooks and most other non-handheld devices and access to carry-on bags is similarly restricted for the same period. The new changes preclude use of any communications or entertainment devices integrated with the plane itself for the final hour of the trip and restrict services for passengers like phones, seat-mounted televisions and access to Wi-Fi services provided by carriers entering the United States.

Domestic flights are currently unaffected by the new restrictions and will allow domestic carriers like AirTran and Virgin America to continue to offer their full complement of services for nearly all of a given trip. The guideline changes follow an attempt by a Nigerian man to activate chemical explosives to bomb a flight from Amsterdam to the United States.

Other additional security measures like required pat-downs and personal property inspections have since been incorporated into the Transportation Security Administration’s series of checks since the incident on December 25th.

[Via BoardingArea]

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