Trojan Email Targets iPhone Gamers

A new viral spam email targeting iPhone-owning Windows users surfaced recently. The message appears with subjects like tries to trick the owner into opening an attached file, claiming it’s a popular iPhone game. When opened on a machine running Windows, it infects the machine with a nasty virus.

The email usually shows up with subjects like “Virtual iPhone games!”, “Take a break!”, “Apple: The most popular game!”, “Virtual iPhone toys!”, and “Beet my score! (7000 points)!” and the attachment Penguin On a Mac, it’s not even executable, so nothing happens. However, if a Windows user tries to open it, it simply says “Shoes”, and it infects the computer with the Trojan Horse Troj/Agent-HNY. Attempting to delete the file will also cause other files in legitimate applications to be deleted as well, breaking them.

As of now, no variant targeting the Mac has been found.

Windows users should be advised not to open the attachment, and to check with the vendor of your antivirus software to see if there is an update available.

[Sophos via iPod Observer]

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