Tribute to Steve Jobs’ Los Altos, CA Garage

Based in Utah, a YouTube channel, namely InTheGarageTV, has featured a unique tribute to the garage where the roots of Apple were augmented and nurtured. This garage in Los Altos, CA, is where Apple Computers’ foundations were first established between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Before Apple became extremely large and popular with its own centralized location, Jobs and Wozniak firstly built and sold Apple 1s from Jobs’ parents’ spare bedroom. Upon selling 50 of the 1s to Paul Jay Terrell’s Byte Shop, the two moved to the garage that is the focus of the embedded video.

Check out the tribute. Though short, it pays ample respect to the garage where great things went down:

Undoubtedly, the garage is historic and is arguably considered one of the most famous in the world. With us Apple fanboys, though, there’s surely no debate.