Triazzle is a rainforest-themed puzzle game almost identical to the classic game called Tri-Ominos. The basic concept is that you are provided 9 or 16 triangular puzzle pieces, and you must rotate and place them according to the corresponding types on each side. With various difficulties, this proves to be quite an interesting rendition.

The game opens with the main menu, allowing you to change options, view tutorials or play a game immediately. There are varying levels of difficulty ranging from ‘Kids’ to a 16-piece Level 3 puzzle. You have the choice of each level and amount of pieces, and you even have the option of automatically choosing a set for you.

The graphics in this game are really quite fun. The entire theme is set in the rainforest, and the locale fits perfectly. Each side of the pieces are half of a different small animal, and different animals jump/ walk/ fly across the screen at just about any time (and more frequently as you progress in the puzzle). There is an option for ‘Simple Graphics’ in the Options, as well, which allows ease of sight for the visually impaired.

The soundtrack is fun, and was scored by Billy White Acre. As is the new standard, all sound can be turned off by flipping the Vibrate switch.

For convenience, games being played when the app is exited are immediately saved, there is a specially animated Hint option that shows which triangle should be placed in a position that you tap on and ‘retractible docks’ are useful for storing and sorting your puzzle pieces.

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