UPDATE: Released – TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon, Native iPhone Game Rolling Out

Kudos to EA Mobile, one of the most popular movie franchises is on its way to the iPhone. Fans of the TRANSFORMERS movie series will be psyched to hear that a native iPhone and iPad version will soon be rolling out (pun very much intended!) on the App Store.

UPDATE: The game is now out on the US app store for $2.99 (introductory price, full price $4.99). You can buy it here or wait for my review and then buy it there.

UPDATE: The game is currently out in New Zealand (which is a full day ahead of the US) at a price equivalent to $4.99. It will release on the US app store tonight at 11 PM EST.

I recently received an email with press assets to EA Mobile’s, as far as I know, most-close-to-release iPhone title. This Tuesday, June 28th, a game based on the TRANSFORMERS series’ newest movie, TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon will be launching on the App Store – and I’ll have a review for you!

The upcoming dual-stick shooter will put you in the shoes, or should I say in the robotic feet, of either Optimus Prime, the Autobots’ leader, or Bumblebee, interchangeably. I don’t know too much about the game yet, other than it will be available the same day the movie releases, that you’ll be fighting against the Decepticons in a considerably lengthy story mode and that it’s most probably going to rock!

Here’s the game’s official trailer: