Toshiba Launches 64GB NAND Flash Memory Chip, Larger Capacity iPhones/iPod Touches a Strong Possibility

With the launch of Toshiba’s new 64GB NAND flash memory modules (units which combine sixteen 32Gb NAND chips fabricated using 32nm manufacturing processes) may sound somewhat boring, past history and product teardowns have show that Apple uses either a single 16GB or 32GB Toshiba NAND module depending on the model purchased.
The fact that Toshiba is now sampling its new high-capacity chips with mass production set to begin in Q1 2010 hints at what users can expect from the next-gen iPhone rumored to have landed in Foxconn’s lap.

A 64GB iPhone could allow for 1,070 hours of recorded music (at a 128Kbps bit rate), 8.3 hours of 17Mbps high definition video, and 19.2 hours of 7Mbps standard definition video according to Toshiba’s calculations. The iPod touch, you’ll remember, differs by using a pair of NAND packages for a total of 32GB or 64GB of flash today which could amount to a 128GB iPod touch.

Keep your eyes peeled, there may be some really good stuff down the line.

[Via Engadget]

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