Torrenting Web App Enters Private Beta

Back when iPhone hacking and the writing of iPhone apps were still fairly young practices and considered somewhat synonymous, one of the most requested apps we kept seeing over and over again was a torrenting app for the iPhone. We saw one command-line app for that purpose back in March, but an even more innovative solution popped up recently that doesn’t even interfere with the SDK.

Torrent Relay recently released a private beta of iTR, a web app torrent client. They claim that the app will not only allow you to download a torrent from an entered URL, but it’ll even let you play the media back to you right from the iPhone. You can even enter the URL from a computer and it will continue on your iPhone. We’re not sure how effective or even useful this will turn out to be, but it’s definitely a unique approach.

iTR is still in private beta, but we’ll get you more information as it becomes available.

[via iClarified]

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