TopSkin for iPhone 3G

PDO’s TopSkin for iPhone 3G is a comfortable and resilient case that comes with a belt clip and a low price. The first generation iPhone’s TopSkin was awarded iLounge’s 2007 iPhone Case of the Year.

This case comes with the micro-grip case, one belt clip and a screen cover. The micro-grip case is very comfortable and comes in four different colours: black, gray, blue and pink.

The silicone-skin cases are very comfortable and fit perfectly over the iPhone, leaving areas cut out for the speakers, microphone, vibrate switch and camera. The areas for the proximity senors, home button and lock button have either a slightly thinner section or a form-fitting bend. The aesthetics of the case are very simplistic and correlate with the iPhone’s features. The case itself can stand up to light jostling, but I wouldn’t advise dropping it on the ground. It’ll protect from scratching, but it’s still a thin case and dropping it down the stairs isn’t a wise idea.

The belt clip can twist 180º, and is made of a heavy plastic. It fits right into the casing and seats well on the seat of your pants, wherever you intend to be clipping it. I’d prefer if the clip were able to spin 360º and had a lock function, but the capabilities of this clip are enough to perform well.

The screen protector is included in the packaging, and like most all screen protectors, it’s an utter hassle to apply. If the screen isn’t completely clean and the protector isn’t applied perfectly, there will be bubbles. They’ll work out in time, but until then, it’s just obnoxious. This certain screen protector actually doesn’t even cover the entire front face, but leaves a small area underneath the Home button uncovered, presumably for aesthetic purposes. While that gap does make it a little more interesting, I’d much prefer my face be fully protected. The material scratches pretty easily, too, so try not to rub the protector against any keys or pens, because your glass screen will cope better with the tension. Thankfully, the covers are replaceable and can perform the task for a while before showing any real signs of wear.

Overall, the case is affordable, comfortable, and very functional. The iPhone is simply squeezed in and sits solidly within the case until you remove it yourself. The casing tends to build up lint if you put it in your pockets, and the hold is a little loose when it’s strapped on to something, but it generally fits well and acts as a good, cheap case for a customer that is on the go.

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