Too Drunk to Drive? AAA Will Drive You Home for Free – Be Safe!

If you happen to have a few too many tonight, please do not even considering picking up your keys. In fact, right now I would like any person that feels like he or she may be compelled to have too much to secure keys in a safe spot so that “I’m feeling okay to drive” doesn’t turn into “It’s New Year’s, officer!” AAA will drive you home for free if you need the assistance.

Go here to find information for your area, then be sure to save a contact with your local AAA number. Name the contact “DRUNK? CALL HERE” or whatever you feel you would need to see while intoxicated.

In addition, you could use the Reminders app or Siri to remind you every hour (or even more often, if necessary) to “Call [insert local AAA # here] when ready to travel.” so it does not slip your mind.

As a last resort, the Call a Taxi app has you covered.

Please have a safe New Year’s Eve as we are looking forward to an iMazing (yes, I just did that but no, I don’t drink) 2013. After all, our community needs to be on the lookout for our distinctive relaunch in January!

Note: published from an iPhone.