TomTom iPhone GPS To Choose Single Price Over Subscription?

TomTom gave us a peek at their turn-by-turn GPS system for iPhone at WWDC, but we didn’t know much about features or pricing. Macworld recently talked with TomTom’s Market Development VP to get some answers.

Tom Murray, the VP of Marketing Development at TomTom said in his Macworld interview that the hardware solution they created for the iPhone (a.k.a. “the car kit”) would not be required to use the TomTom app, but will be recommended. Murray also mentions that the company is “leaning towards” making the app and maps singly priced. This approach would be different from the AT&T Navigator application [iTunes Link] which uses a subscription based model to provide turn-by-turn directions.

You can read the full interview with TomTom on the Macworld website.

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