TomTom Car Kit Unboxing Video: Free App To Enable Third Party GPS Apps On The Way?

A MacRumors forum user going by the alias The Samurai has managed to get his hands on a TomTom GPS car kit for the iPhone from his local Apple Store in Glasgow, Scotland, ahead of it’s official launch. He’s posted a video unboxing on YouTube showing what comes in the box, which includes an informational packet that makes mention of an upcoming free app from TomTom.

The free app mentioned in the documents appears to serve a different purpose then their TomTom GPS navigation app [App Store, $99.99], which will remain sold separately from the car kit in the US. Instead of a full GPS navigational app, the free app seems to let the user control some of the features of the GPS kit without the need for the official TomTom iPhone app, enabling functinality with other third-party navigation apps.

[via MacRumors]

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