TomTom Car Kit Might Work With iPod Touch?

9to5 Mac has pointed out an interesting discovery about TomTom’s upcoming hardware accessory, the Car Kit for the iPhone, that enhances the functionality of their upcoming iPhone application. The device is intended to make up for the 3GS’s shortcomings compared to a dedicated GPS device, but in doing so it makes up for most of the difference between an iPhone 3GS and an iPod touch.

From the interview with Macworld:

iPhone owners will be able to purchase and use the TomTom software and maps without the Car Kit hardware accessory; however, the Car Kit for iPhone was designed to enhance the software by addressing several of the limitations mentioned above. For starters, the Car Kit includes a separate GPS receiver that performs better than the one built into the iPhone; Murray said this receiver is closer to what you’d find in a dedicated GPS unit. The TomTom app uses this receiver when your iPhone is docked in the Car Kit, allowing for improved real-time navigation, especially in cities with large buildings or in locations with lots of trees or other natural obstacles. The Car Kit also includes a built-in speaker that provides better audio quality and considerably louder output, making it easier to hear spoken directions.

With the hardware accessory adding a more powerful version of everything their TomTom app would utilize in the iPhone 3GS, it could theoretically work just as well with an iPod touch. The only thing it might not replace is the digital compass, and if it includes gyroscopes, this would be replaced as well.

Despite this, it’s possible they will enact measures to stop people from using it with an iPod touch.

The Car Kit will be available “later this summer”. No price has been set.

Also, check out this really cool video they made:

[via 9to5 Mac]

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